Bach Flower Remedies




Water Violets

   Red Chestnut

The Bach flower remedies were discovered by the English physician Dr Edward Bach in the 1930's. Each of the 38 remedies assits with a particular characteristic or emotional state. Dr Bach divided the 38 remedies into seven groups of fundamental emotions:
  1. Fear
  2. Uncertainty
  3. Insufficient interest in present circumstances
  4. Loneliness
  5. Over-sensitive to influences and ideas
  6. Despondency or despair
  7. Over-care for welfare of others

How do flower essences work?

The flower essences work in subtle ways to undo negative influences, energy, or characteristics in a person. Dr Bach believed that disease was the result of imbalance between mind, body and soul. The remedies restore emotional balance. Bach believed that you should 'treat the patient not the disease'.

Negative emotions and thoughts, and even diseases are treated by choosing a remedy to match the temperament of the patient and their current state of mind. Bach believed that the primary cause of illness was the patients state of mind; their worries and anxieties. He felt that when these temperaments were treated the physical conditions would fade away. 


Preparing the essence



Flower essences are prepared by infusing the heads of the flowers, at the peak of their bloom, in a clear glass bowl of spring water until the water surface is completely covered. The bowl is then placed in direct sunlight for three to four hours on a day when there are no clouds in the sky. This infusion is believed to hold a plant’s healing vibrational energy or life-force. The flowers are then removed and the liquid is poured into a bottle with equal amounts of brandy, which act as a preservative. This is the 'stock'.


What to expect from a Bach Flower appointment at Soul Healing

Narelle will sit down with you and together you will talk about how you are currently feeling about your life; and any specific situations that seem to be causing problems for you. You will be asked to outline the emotions you are feeling and the effect they are having on the situation/s. Based on the information gathered Narelle will choose the appropriate flower essences to assist you in restoring emotional balance in your life.

You will then be given a personalised essence blend to take home with you. You will take four drops four times a day, under your tongue, for as long as required. Usually for a few weeks or months. A follow-up visit will be scheduled to check: how you are feeling, the changes you have noticed, and any further treatment that may be required.