Holding the Baby Dream is Narelle Hudson's heartfelt account of her experiences with infertility and IVF. The story highlights her determination to firmly hold onto her dream of having a baby, despite the many obstacles she experienced. The book shows how society’s conditioning shaped her dream; how she was tested when she met her husband and shaken through many rounds of IVF. It tells of how her dream was realised when she became pregnant and ultimately lost when her pregnancy did not go to plan.

Join Narelle on this inspirational journey as she travels courageously through her pain, heals from her grief and experiences life-altering situations that change her forever. Be uplifted by her messages of hope, as she lets go of her baby dream and discovers what else is possible.

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Narelle  was the victim of a near-fatal car accident in 2002 and also lived through a near-death experience during this time.
‘Spirit’ was inspired by the spiritual experiences she gained during her recovery from a near-fatal car accident, experienced in November 2002. It is not simply a story about the ‘accident’ itself but a personal reflection about the way she recovered; through her inner strength and determination.

It is an autobiography about love, which is based on the theme of self-worth, never giving up or accepting limits in life. It is about having the independence and courage to continue through all trials and tribulations without being discouraged by what others tell you or the limits that they set.

It is based on personal lessons but it has a universal message throughout that allows all to relate to its wisdom. It is an inspirational account of what is possible when you don’t accept limitations.

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Narelle won an international poetry award in 2002 and attended the International Poetry Convention in Orlando Florida in the same year. Her work was also published in 'Voices from the Soul' by the International Library of Poetry in 2001. Her collection of poetry is based on the universal theme of ‘love’. The poetry is written about her personal experiences and the experiences of those surrounding her, from her own perspective.

Where love exists it is easy to put yourself into the situations detailed within these works. Joy, heartbreak, compassion, understanding and undying love are common threads throughout all of our lives. Through these poems you can embrace the pain or joy that you have felt when you were involved in similar scenes, in the past or perhaps at present.
We all live through many experiences at the hands of love and this collection of beautiful words, creative phrases and analogies will help us all to feel less alone in our world and more understood. It hopes to achieve a united understanding between all of human-kind as she writes about the feelings that we all endure daily.This book is a collection of my poetry. All of the poems are based around the universal theme of 'love'.

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From the writer of ‘Spirit’ comes ‘Soul channelling’ which is a collection of deeper spiritual understandings derived from the same near-death occurrence that she experienced in 2002. It is based on the insights that she gained into how people should be acting and reacting to experiences here on earth. It is a book about the value of love. First self-published in 2007.
It is a collection of inspirational, self-help messages that were channeled from God. It has a universal message throughout that allows its contents to relate to a wide audience. It details deeply spiritual messages that all humans could benefit from both giving and receiving on a daily basis to encourage all of us to live down here on earth with greater empathy, love and understanding for one another.
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