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Skype Counselling

Book your sessions on-line now!
Skype is fantastic for online video conference counselling calls.  If you can't meet me face to face at Soul Healing due to location or transport concerns or if you would simply like to have a counselling session in the comfort of your own home then Skype Counselling is the way to go. 
Skype is a free service for you to download to your computer. If you do not already have access to a Skype account then you simply need to follow the following steps:
 Getting started with Skype...
1. Go the Skype website and download the latest version of Skype for Windows or Mac, then install it on your computer. For help and any questions you have about setting up or using Skype.
2. Open Skype and add me to your Contact List. My Skype name is: narelle.hudson.
3. You will need a webcam if your computer doesn’t have one built in, and possibly a headset.
4.  When you have installed skype and added me as your contact, then we are ready.   
Then simply come back here and book and pay for your first session.
All Skype services are booked as a pre-paid session from your Credit Card or PayPal account.
When I receive your booking request I will check my schedule and email you with available session times.
Please advise us of your selection promptly by replying to the email. You will then receive a confirmation email of your booking.
Then YOU simply skype us at your assigned session time.
All sessions are private and confidential. 
Note: We ask you to advise us by email at least 24 hours prior to your session if you need to reschedule, in order to receive your full payment back. Otherwise a fee of $25 will be kept from your session fee.
I look forward to hearing from you - Narelle Hudson