Crystal Healing

What are crystals? 
Crystals are pure consciousness that reflect and amplify our inner beauty. They teach us how to activate and radiate the full potential of our inner radiance. Crystals enable us to express our higher self as they reflect back the light within us. They bring our minds to the present moment in a state of peace and accelerate our growth as healing and transformation takes place. Information by Rachelle Charman


Attracted to crystals?

Why not explore the benefits of these divine gifts from mother earth and book a Crystal Healing session. Experience how crystals assist in amplifying your healing on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. Allow crystals to help you in connecting with your true divinity.

What does a crystal healing treatment involve?

The client is asked a few questions about themselves to identify the areas where the crystals are needed. The client remains fully clothed and lies on a table in a warm room with theraputic music playing and the subtle perfume of relaxing essential oils. The practitioner chooses the crystals that are appropriate and places them on the body.
The client is then assisted to direct their breath to the crystals through a guided meditation. The practitioner may also ask the client to feel, sense or visualise different emotions throughout this meditation practise as they place their hands gently on the body and transmit loving energy into the energy systems of the body. The treatment process usually takes between an hour-and-a-half to two hours.
The results are often transformational.
The treatment may consist of:
  • Chakra balancing - balancing the seven major energy points in the body.
  • Inner child work - transforming the hurt child within us, bringing light to painful memories of the past.
  • A body scan - where any emotional blockages in the body are located and played out in a 'movie' style guided meditation.