Indian Head Massage

Your Indian Head Massage treatment will commence with a ritual footbath. Bathing the feet is very grounding and connects both the client and the practitioner to the earth. A hot towel compression is then applied to the head and then the Indian Head Massage begins. The treatment may be received with or without oil.
The benefs of using oil:
 The oil is absorbed by the hair roots and strengthens the hair; removing dryness which is responsible for brittle hair and some scalp disorders.
 Oil softens the skin of the scalp; promoting hair growth, slowing down hair loss and encouraging vibrant shinny hair.
With or without oil Indian Head Massage assists with:
  • Increasing the supply of fresh oxygen to the brain and relaxes the nervous system.
  • Eliminating fatigue caused by mental stress and strain.
  • Stimulating of the scalp's circulation helps tone the muscles, relieve eye-strain and headaches, improve concentration and boost the immune-system.
  • Relieving stiffness in neck and shoulder area.
  • Disturbed sleep and insomnia.